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Catholic Scripture Study International

Catholic Scripture Study International was founded in 2003 and publishes more than 30 Bible and faith-related study programs. CSS studies are authored by well-known Bible scholars - such as Dr. Scott Hahn, Steve Ray, Mike Aquilina and Mark Shea - and are led in hundreds of parishes, universities, and organizations across the country.


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  1. Queen of Heaven: Mary's Battle for You (Reina del Cielo)

    The Woman Who Said Yes; The Angel Who Said No
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    • Tells the story of Mary’s life from before time to today 
    • Reveals her ongoing battle against the Devil and evil in pursuit of our salvation 
    • Inspires greater devotion to Our Mother and Queen, who constantly draws us to her Son 
    • Increases vibrant participation in parish life

    Embark on a journey that begins before time itself, when Mary was only an eternal thought in the Mind of God, and extends into her life in Scripture. Discover Our Mother throughout centuries of Church history, as she intervenes at pivotal periods—especially at her most famous apparitions, when she made roses bloom on a hillside in Guadalupe, when she made a miraculous spring of water rise from the ground in Lourdes, and when she made the sun dance at Fatima.

    See the maternal care she has given to humanity and the battle she has waged against the evil one, the one she was put in enmity to for all time. After seeing how she pursues us in love, learn how to grow closer to Mary, Our Mother by making devotion to her part of our daily life.

    Take this journey now and discover the woman who, from the very beginning, was destined to be the Queen of Heaven.

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    Leader Resources

    • In Queen of Heaven your group will:
      • Uncover the source of the Devil’s hatred of Mary and how she has battled and conquered him for our sake so many times throughout history
      • Learn the meaning and theology behind the four Marian dogmas of the Church
      • Understand her role as the Mother of the Church and how she constantly draws us back to her Son in trying times
      • Discover the amazing account of John Paul II’s battle against Communism as he consecrated the world to her Immaculate Heart as asked at Fatima
      • Foster a deeper love of your mother by learning ways to venerate her in your daily life

      Each lesson includes:
      1. a stunning teaching video, hosted by celebrated actor Leonardo Defilippis and more than a dozen experts
      2. group discussion facilitated by a beautiful, full-color Study Guide packed with 50+ pieces of beautiful classic artwork
      3. a final Spiritual Life video presented by Fr. Patrick Winslow.

    Starting at: $149.95

  2. A Scriptural Study of Angels (Two-Part Study - 25 Lessons)

    Every Sunday Roman Catholics (like many other Christians) stand to profess our faith in God who created "all things visible and invisible." We confess our sins the presence of "all the angels and saints." We hear Scripture readings that tell stories of angelic interventions in history. There's a flip side, of course, to the angels. There are also the demons. In these lessons, we're going to meet some of the angels and demons featured in the Bible as distinct spiritual persons, with names and identities. We'll treat them like real people we would actually meet in our lives, because that's how they're portrayed in the Bible. Who are they? What do they do? And what do their names teach us about who they are? Throughout the course of this study, in addition to scripture, we will be drawing from Pope Blessed John Paul II's 1986 catechetical series on the angels, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Compendium of the Catechism and other official documents as well as consult the early Church Fathers.

    Starting at: $46.95

  3. Genesis (28 Lessons)

    Without Genesis, the rest of the Bible is incomprehensible. Unveiling no less than the creation of the whole world and everything in it, including human life itself, as well as the birth of sin and the promise of a Savior, this book is packed with fascinating images and layered theological insights that require careful study.

    Your well-travelled guide on this journey is Fr. Matthew Kauth, who spares no expense in expertly leading you through the spiritual significance of each Biblical event as it prefigures and plays out the story of Salvation History, all according to God’s magnificent plan.

    In this powerful 28-session study, author Steve Ray and presenter Fr. Kauth will help you uncover what you need to know about this crucial first book of the Bible, including:

     -Where you came from, why you’re here, and the ultimate purpose of your life

    -Why Adam and Eve’s First Fall is the Tragedy of tragedies

    -Why the idea of “covenant” mattered so much to the Jews, and why it still matters to us today

    -What the Binding of Isaac actually signifies

    -What Noah’s ark represents

    -What it really means to have a personal relationship with the “God of your fathers” (Exodus 3:15)

    -And much, much more!

    Genesis is the first key to unlocking the chest that enables us to understand the Bible as the Universal Church always has. To find the priceless gems inside, we need a good roadmap to learn how the 50 chapters fit together and fit with the rest of the entire Bible. Let Steve Ray and Fr. Kauth guide you on your deep-dive into the richly puzzling spiritual depths of Genesis.

    Starting at: $46.95

  4. The Gospel According to John (28 Lessons)

    John is known as "the apostle whom Jesus loved" (John 20:2), and one of the three considered to be in the "Inner Circle" of Jesus' friends, along with Peter and James. His tenacity showed as John was the only apostle who was there at the foot of the cross when our Lord was crucified.

    Scott Hahn and Mark Shea lead you through the multi-layered writings of St. John to discover much more than you probably ever realized about this Gospel!

    Starting at: $46.95

  5. 1st & 2nd Corinthians (28 Lessons)

    In his Letters to the Corinthians Paul addresses ongoing problems including dissension, immorality, lawsuits, liturgical abuses and their tendency to fall prey to "false teachers". Paul tackles each of these problems with his typical spiritual zeal, strengthening their faith and commitment to build up the Body of Christ. 

    Two thousand years later, as we struggle with much the same problems, Paul's words of wisdom are both pertinent and valuable!

    Starting at: $46.95

  6. The Book of Revelation (25 Lessons)

    The last book of the New Testament is also probably the most difficult and misunderstood book of the Bible. This is due to the fact that almost everything described in Saint John’s vision is symbolic of something else. The Early Church Fathers believed that the Book of Revelation was an icon of the Mass. The Book of Revelation is a 20 lesson study (commentary and video) with a 5-week supplemental study (commentary only) on Carl Olson's book, Will Catholics Be Left Behind?

    Discover the beauty that unfolds each time we celebrate the Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

    Starting at: $46.95

  7. Entertaining Angels (10 Lessons)

    Every Sunday Roman Catholics (like many other Christians) stand to profess our faith in God who created "all things visible and invisible." and we confess our sins the presence of "all the angels and saints."

    Discover that angels are spiritual, personal, and immortal creatures, with intelligence and freewill, who glorifies God without ceasing and who serves God as a messenger of His saving plan!

    Starting at: $21.95

  8. Ephesians (10 Lessons)

    St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians can be examined in two parts. The first part is essentially a prayer and extended meditation on the mystery of Jesus Christ as revealed through his body, The Church.The second half of is a set of practical instructions for Christians. 

    Many say that there is no other New Testament epistle that expresses Christian truths in such a majestic way.

    Starting at: $21.95

  9. Hebrews (16 Lessons)

    Hebrews is written to Jewish converts, who, because of persecutions, as well as fear and doubts about their Christian faith, are tempted to revert back to traditional Judaism and its Temple-centered worship.

    The Book of Hebrews stresses that Jesus Christ is the true sacrificial lamb who shed His blood for us and freed us from sin.

    Starting at: $29.95

  10. The Book of Joshua (13 Lessons)

    The Book of Joshua is a historical account of how the Israelites conquered Canaan, the land God promised them in the covenant with Abraham. The book details Joshua's obedience to God, the bloody yet miraculous battles and the division of the land among the 12 tribes.

    Discover Joshua, the faithful leader carrying out God's commands!

    Starting at: $22.95

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