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Learn. Discern. Live.

The average parish has just 1-2% of parishioners active in Adult Faith Formation programs. The benefits of AFF to parishes and parishioners are many and eternal. Let Saint Benedict Press help you achieve your parish goals with quality teaching, Life Application and effective Living It Out methodology.

Parish Goals

  • Informed minds
  • Touched hearts
  • Deeper relationships
  • Spiritually nourished souls
  • Changed lives
  • Reach more parishioners
  • Enlivened, vibrant parish

10 Ways SBP Adult Faith Formation programs help parishes…

  1. Help people connect their faith to their daily lives
  2. Build attendance to reach more parishioners
  3. Comprehensive Leader Guide and Leader Resources to make it easy and more effective
  4. With vital inner reflection – people find the life answers they seek
  5. Paint a whole-person picture of faith through teaching, beautiful sacred art, music and reflections
  6. Deepen intellectual and faith development with Catholic bible and faith experts
  7. Help recruit and equip Core Team Leaders
  8. Equip Small Group Discussion Leaders to lead fruitful and enjoyable discussion
  9. Provide study Schedule Options for the various liturgical seasons
  10. Ultimately, help create an enlivened, vibrant parish family